Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is my attempt at overcoming my intense aversion to having people know exactly what is going on in my life.
A little case study, if you will.
I'm kind of a private person, to put it nicely.
I idea of having people that I could care less about knowing anything about my personal life makes my skin crawl.
I have a bad habit of keeping almost everyone out... with the exception of a select few.
So... let's begin.

I've ben back in Canada for just under two weeks now. The thought of moving back to Korea is dreadful and unwelcome, even if I am only going back for 6 months.
Given the chance, I would gladly stay here in North America and try to make a life for myself. Sadly, my debt and my conscience wont let me do that. So... back i will go.

It's been a good two weeks.
Most of which were spent with my boyfriend who just went back to D.C. two days ago.
It's been hard though, seeing all the changes that have taken place since i left.
Mainly, I am referring to the changes in my Grandmother.
She has gone, in a matter of a year or two, from a sweet, slightly bossy woman to a grumpy bossy old woman.
Not that I love her any less... and not that i begrudge her that. She has had a pretty tough life, and it just seems to be getting tougher. I've spent a good portion of my time up here yelling at her, as her hearing is almost completely gone. I know she feels alienated, and I wish there was more i could do for her. Getting old is for the birds.
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