Sunday, October 4, 2009

Run for the Cure 2009

*In case you are wondering, I wrote this the day of my run. Unfortunately, I was unable to post it because there were too many pictures to edit. I've spent the last 3 days running around like mad attending orientations for volunteering, driving to Guelph, then Toronto for doctors appointments, then packing and flying to DC.
Excuses, excuses. *
Anyway.... here it is.

So... as you may well remember, I promised that I would post some pictures of the run.
However, as I lay in bed last night, eagerly anticipating today's run, I thought I could do one better. So far on my blog, I have yet to post a video where I actually talk.
Seeing as everyone has been so dang supportive of me, and graciously donated so much money, I thought it about time to do just that. As you will see below, I have two such videos for your viewing pleasure, in addition to a bunch of pictures.

Please be kind, as you will see that pink is clearly not my colour. Nor is rainy, cold 10° weather at 8am sans make-up. Ugh.

Anyway, the run itself was a blast. There were so many people out there, it didn't feel like 5km. The fact that my mind was constantly occupied with sorting out how to duck and dodge around the mass hoards of runners probably help the time/distance pass faster. As you can see from the second video, there were a ton of us out there.
The London site alone had about 3900 participants, raising just shy of $694,000.
The grand total raised across all the sites was $26.5 million dollars. Amazing.

As for me personally, I managed to surpass my goal and ended up raising $1548.
Thanks again to all who supported me.
You made my day!!

Ok, now on to the pictures-


Pre-race greeting Warming up Very confused at the warm up

The start line.

What happens when you give Adam control of the camera. My cheer squad.

Finish line video
Grand total raised.

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