Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This Mother's Day, I really wanted to think outside the box and do something really awesome for my Momma. Problem was, those things called epiphanies are tricky little devils, and they never seem to occur when you need them.
I was really starting to worry, until the perfect idea hit me (at 7:30 this morning).
Lying in bed, writhing in pain, I thought to myself "Self, the best present you could ever give your mom would be a 6 hour totally isolated hangout sesh with you. me. whomever."

How could I accomplish such a feat, you ask? It's easier than one would think!!
All I had to do was get myself a little fever of 38.8, and wake up my mom.
We spend almost the WHOLE day hanging out in a little room in the Emergency room completely alone.
No pesky family, no flowers, no distractions (with the exception of those coming to steal my blood and stab me with needles).
It was totally awesome. Just my mom, staring lovingly at me as a drifted in and out of a rather uncomfortable fever/drug induced sleep.

The best part is that we get to go back again tonight at 10pm and AGAIN tomorrow morning at 6am for more IV antibiotics and fluids.
(note: after that point, a home nurse will come and hook me up every 8 hours for the next 7 days)

Probably should be nominated for best daughter in the world award. Probably.

(Sorry for ruining mother's day mom)

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muggins1 said...

You didn't ruin my Mothers Day you....

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