Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't you give up on me...

Everything has been going really well here in my neck of the woods for the last few months. I was fortunate enough to be able to be surrounded by my family at Christmas, and then head off to California shortly after to see the sights and meet Adams extended family.
I've been attending the local college taking a PSW course to occupy my time and have been volunteering at the Hospital in Sarnia about 4 hours a week. In addition to that I managed to pick up a part time job at a local retail store, where I have been enjoying the company of some of the most amusing and hilarious staff members ever. They have been making the time pass much quicker and I know I will always have at least one really good laugh every shift.
I've make a few trip to London lately to visit my medical oncologist and radiation oncologist and they have been fairly successful, despite my complains of being unable to focus and some severe pain in my upper back.
Yesterday morning I made a trip into the ER, where luckily we were able to catch my GP to check me out. I've been dealing with some pretty severe headaches over the last 3 weeks and was kind of getting concerned as they weren't going away.
After checking me out, my GP sent me to Sarnia to have a CT scan done and then asked me to go back to his office after it was finished for the results.
"No problem" I think, a tiny bit upset because I knew that this would cause me to miss a shift at work.
After the CT, I returned to the Dr.s office in Petrolia.
Apparently, the news wasn't so good. They found several spots on the CT, and given my previous diagnoses, they concluded that my breast cancer had metastasized to my brain. I was able to get my paws on the report, and from what I was able to comprehend, the tumors are located in the cerebellum.
Clearly I should have taken the advice of my old pal Prof. Brudzynski and taken a few neuroscience credits in university. Hindsight is 20/20, eh?

For those of you with no knowledge of neuroscience (like me), I've posted the link to wikipedia :) enjoy.

For those of you who want the Coles notes version, this area is associated with motor control. It also has links to attention and language, and perhaps to emotional functions.

So... As of yesterday, I've been started on steroids to control the swelling in my brain. I will be speaking to my GP today regarding when I will be starting radiation therapy on my brain. I'm not even sure if they will be performing Whole brain radiation or radiosurgery or both.
I don't really know anything yet.

I promise to try to be better about updating you this time than I was last time.

Thanks Guys.
Love you. xoxo


Randy and Pam Warner said...

We are front and center in your cheering section and know you will tackle this like the last one-- with grace, humor, incredible strength, honesty and courageous openness.

We love you and we will do all we can to rally our praying partners and friends.

Randy and Pam

Lallen said...

We love you too Meg!! BIIIIIIG supportive hugs! Harness all that Bradley stubbornness & fight!

Danuta Zgurzynski said...

That really sucks!! Hope you can stay positive and win that battle you are facing... Our family will have you in our thought and we all are sending lots of love and good vibes your way.... Love you Sweetie...

Steve and Karen Fischer said...

Meghan we've never met before, but know of you thru Pam and Randy Warner's blog. We were informed of your latest finding thru their blog today. Just wanted to let you know that our prayers are with you to help you overcome this latest setback. You can beat this with God's help.

Steve and Karen

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad i'm in the country this time. get ready for me to get in your face. love you. see you as soon as possible.

remember when dr. brudzynski told us women who didn't eat meat while pregnant should be legally charged?


Wayne and Roberta said...

Meghan, keep up the positive attitude and you will get through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery..

Hillary Clarendon said...

Hey Meghan, Its Hillary, Pam and Randy's friend. I am sorry to hear of this news but I want you to know that I will be praying for you. Praying for strength, courage, healing and peace. Your story has greatly encouraged me and I am sure many others as well. Hang in there and fight hard.

Anonymous said...

You're always in my thoughts Miss Mae. Love and best wishes
Ad x

Happytrails said...

We are full-timers and friends of Randy and Pam. We would like to join the cheering section on your behalf and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Take care of yourself!
Sending tons of hugs,
Mike and Gerri Jones (happytrails)

John and Carol said...

Hi Meghan,

We also have never met you. We read about your story through Randy and Pam's blog. We are sending you a big hug and promise to send up lots of prayers on your behalf.

We hope the radiation treatment will quickly reduce your headaches and that you feel a little better with each passing day.

Thinking of you,

Carol & John Herr

Nate said...


We're also supporting you. It was great spending time with you over Christmas. We're thinking about you a lot and praying for you.

Nate, Angela, and Jacob

Rob said...

Your San Diego contingent will be with you (at least in spirit) every step of the way.
Will be thinking of you often,
-Rob, Chris, Jackson, Andie

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