Monday, February 8, 2010

Radiation day 1

Hi all,

I finally got a call from the radiation department this morning at 8am regarding my first appointment. I start today at 12:30pm and will have appointments every day for the next 5. I get the weekend off (yippee for some normal time!) and then will have another 5 days of treatment in a row.

Fingers crossed, I will be finishing up the radiation Feb 19th.

The only bummer about the appointment times is that they can change from day to day. Like... significant changes. Like you think you have to be there the next day at 8am and then they tell you that they changed the appointment to 3pm. Makes keeping life normal a difficult? I suppose that is what I have to learn to live with for the next while though. The un-normal.

As for my test (MRI, CT, Bone scan and blood work) results, I still have no word on them. I will be meeting with Dr. Read on Wednesday and will likely hear what the deal is then.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

does this mean we can bring newly purchased scrabble and cranium and set up on the waiting room floors? i hope so.

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