Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hospital time

Meghan was hospitalized two nights ago with an infection and a high fever. Shes in an isolated room with an iv that is giving her antibiotics and reducing her fever. Shes getting better but its still iffy as to what the cause is and when she can get out. The good news is that because of being hospitalized she now gets the white cell count booster shots before her chemo sessions. 
if you want to call her, which you should, the number is 1-519-882-1170, then hit 2 for the switchboard then ask for her in room 164.
- Adam


Anonymous said...

thank you adam! i've been wondering where she was.
she's a busy lady, considering her line is busy when i'm trying to call.

please keep us up to date if she continues to be stuck in that building.


thexoxo said...

thanks for the heads up. does she have her computer in the hospital? and if so is she hooked up with a webcam - a skype date should be in order ASAP, that is if she feels up to it.

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