Wednesday, February 18, 2009

round 2, back to the ER

meghan got a fever again so shes back in the hospital tonight. her white cell count is down at 1 and needs to be 4.2. the doctor is pretty confident this stay wont be as long because we got her to the hospital pretty early on and shes taking a white cell booster. oh, and my girlfriend is tuff as nails. like so tough you wouldnt even think to spell the word right.
if you want to call, and you should,  dial 519-882-1170 and when the pre-recorded voice comes on hit 3954#.
- Adam


LadyHayley said...

Oh Meggy! I'm sure you are sooo sick of seeing that place right about now! Stay positiveand you'll be home in no time. Just remember this won't last forever; before you know it all this crappy stuff will be over.

Love u xxx

Anonymous said...

i'm hittin' 3954# and the lovely lady that i've called a few times in not meghan. is she at somewhere else now?

hi adam.


Laura said...

get better soon!! xxxx


Lmcallen said...

Keep your strength & spirits up Meg!

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