Thursday, May 6, 2010

list of needs

These are the things that I need in order to get this project going. I'll be updating these when things are fulfilled(again, email - - me if you want to take care of one of these, just so i can keep it all straight or send me a personal message on facebook):

1) 32gb Ipad for travel writing/ updating blogs and uploading/ storing photos.
2) Handheld digital HD video camera
3) YOUR connections to media outlets. I'd love to spread the word to local newspapers, tv, online magazines, documentary filmmakers....anyone that can spread information fast. speaking engagements, meetings with your mp or mpps, reporters etc.
4) Business cards(something simple stating my purpose, why Im doing what Im doing and the links to Meghan's FB page and blog and my information.
5) Ipad Camera connection kit.
6) Pages app for the Ipad (can be gifted through itunes)
7) Numbers app for the Ipad (can be gifted through itunes)
8) Train tickets for the cross-canada trip (Sept)
9) Volunteer opportunities in every major city along the way
10) Mifi unit with service for Canada (just to borrow for the summer or so?)
11) Help setting up a charity and or non-profit org for donations
12) Destination Ideas - I'll be posting a very, very general map that i want all of your input to fill in and connect the dots.
13) a personal trainer. I suck at running, have a lot of it to do in the near future, and don't know where to start. Also, I'm really out of shape.


Cindy said...

I go over your list with a heavy heart..there is nothing I can help you with...sooooo..How about adding a Prayer group..that I know I can do and will do..bless you..bless your intentions...bless your endurance for the life ahead of you...bless you!!

Friends of your parents..Cindy and Walker

Mae said...

that definitely helps. Support doesn't just come from financial backing. Knowing that people are thinking about you is huge.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Cindy - I'm in. Let me know how I can help be a part of what you are doing with the prayer group.

Eeva said...

I don't have much to offer you, but I live in Japan right now and can offer free room and board if you decide to visit in the next few months. (until August). I know it's not long, but I thought I'd offer anyway.

Best of luck to you in completing your (her) goals.

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